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Reported on Aug 9 at 11 AM

Why do people call and leave there number when you do not evenknow them ?
Reported on Aug 1 at 2 PM

Reported on Jul 7 at 12 PM

I was charged 49.95 on my credit card and I don't know who they are.
Reported on Jun 17 at 10 PM

Spam Caller
Reported on Feb 15 at 9 PM

Hi Brenda Thorne I would like to know if your followed through with the approved loan and if it was legit.. because I too have been approved for a loan but am not too sure about it..
Reported on Jan 15 at 11 PM

I need help finding the real owner of this number.
Reported on Jan 13 at 11 PM

If this lending company is operating online or has a website, you can check for some reviews online before you proceed.
Reported on Jan 13 at 1 PM

Is this a legit Lending Company
Reported on Jan 13 at 1 PM

I have been approved for a loan and need to know if this is a scam...

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