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Reported on Sep 1 at 6 PM

Anti-smoking robocall, called in the middle of supper
Reported on Aug 8 at 4 PM

They keep calling and when you try to call them back - the recording is the number can not be reached from your caling area..... I would really like o know who these people are because I don't owe anything to anyone......
Reported on Mar 24 at 6 AM

Good point. Be careful when you're giving information, especially sensitive ones.
Reported on Mar 18 at 5 PM

I just got the same call twice within 4 hours. I'm going to call them back after I get off work and try to gather more information about THEM. Not giving them anything more about me.
Reported on Mar 18 at 3 PM

I just got off the phone with an Indian Guy (said his name was Ron Davis - but his accent was so thick I could barely understand him) claiming to be from the IRS. If you call that number, another Indian female answers, puts you on hold, then transfers you to the "Ron Davis". This man told me I had been audited for the years 2008 - 2012, and they had determined I had willfully not reported income, I was accused of forgery, I was going to be arrested, and all my assets seized. When I demanded the amount that I supposedly owed, he came up with $1,839.00. When I told him I had received refunds for all those years, he said "That was the state level, this is Federal." He starts quoting chapters of IRS codes that I violated, etc. Funny - I never got a notice from the IRS pertaining to any audits, nor any issues with my returns. I think this is a scam.
Reported on Mar 14 at 1 PM

Just had a "IMPORTANT" call from a Indian speaking guy telling me the IRS did a audit on me and there was a active arrest warrant out for me. It was fraud dealing with my SS#.!! I had to hang up and call back there supervisor who would answer my questions, and take care of this matter. He didn't even have my legal name right! I told him to have his supervisor call me as it was a toll call. He got very huffy and just said I could do what I wanted and hung up!!
I can see how elderly people get taken in on these scams. He was trying to intimidate me right from the start.
I hope these people doing this are stopped.

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