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Reported on Sep 11 at 11 PM

Kept receiving missed calls from this number
Reported on Sep 2 at 2 PM

Same thing happened to me. I'm going to forward the info to the IRS, they have a fraud line I believe.
Reported on Aug 29 at 12 PM

Received 3 calls within 5 minutes. Got cursed out. Claims to be with IRS. When I told him I had a relative working for IRS he again cursed me out. Guess it doesn't do any good to have your phone #'s listed with the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY
Reported on Aug 29 at 10 AM

I as well received a call from this number claiming to be an IRS agent. These people need to be reported to the authorities immediately.
Reported on Aug 27 at 7 PM

It is definitely a scam! We started filing complaints today to Police, Federal Trade Commision, and hopefully it will go to FBI before its through. I would like to advise everyone to stay away from calling any of these numbers and do not respond if they call you. We have lost lots of money.
Reported on Aug 26 at 5 PM

Someone keeps calling and does not leave a message. Just hangs up.
Reported on Aug 19 at 11 PM

Threating call. time senative. Indian accent. Hear from me or my lawyer. Call now. Then have a good day and God bless you.
I call back, number is disconnect. I am so tried of these phone calls. I just want to reach through the phone.
I wonder how do I stop these calls.
Reported on Aug 15 at 12 PM

Guy named Rob Adams said I qualify to get $6700 government grant. He told my wife to deposit 200 for a tax sum of the check. I know it's a scam. Just wanted to warn, others.

Reported on Aug 9 at 5 PM

Was told to call this # and ask for Rob Adams. I was to win $6,700 from the government. Looked this up online and saw it was a scam!!
Reported on Aug 6 at 2 PM

Received a call from 210-215-6445. A woman, calling herself Victoria, said I was selected to receive a government grant of $6,700.00 and that I should call a Rob Adams at 315-215-0940 for confirmation and to arrange payment. I haven't yet made the call. Is this a scam?
Reported on Jun 27 at 4 PM

They emailed me saying I owed them 946.00 and that if it was not paid by Monday that they would download the court papers and serve me with papers to go to court and answer for the charges they have against me, he said he had my social security number and my IP address for my internet. He didn't call me by name and he didn't speak very good english.
Reported on Jun 25 at 1 PM

Reported on Apr 25 at 12 PM

The search says that call is from HARTFORD, CT. If you wish to know more info, you should type the phone number in the box above and click the search button.
Reported on Apr 25 at 9 AM

please track this number as they continuously call every night at 2 am
Reported on Apr 25 at 9 AM

calls all the time at 2 am!!!
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