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12:18 on 15 Aug 2014
Guy named Rob Adams said I qualify to get $6700 government grant. He told my wife to deposit 200 for a tax sum of the check. I know it's a scam. Just wanted to warn, others.

17:27 on 09 Aug 2014
Was told to call this # and ask for Rob Adams. I was to win $6,700 from the government. Looked this up online and saw it was a scam!!
Michael Miller
14:06 on 06 Aug 2014
Received a call from 210-215-6445. A woman, calling herself Victoria, said I was selected to receive a government grant of $6,700.00 and that I should call a Rob Adams at 315-215-0940 for confirmation and to arrange payment. I haven't yet made the call. Is this a scam?
19:46 on 27 Aug 2014
It is definitely a scam! We started filing complaints today to Police, Federal Trade Commision, and hopefully it will go to FBI before its through. I would like to advise everyone to stay away from calling any of these numbers and do not respond if they call you. We have lost lots of money.