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Reported on Sep 3 at 4 PM

Reported on Sep 1 at 11 PM

I think this is spam -- get this call a lot from FL USA -- do not know anyone form Florida.
Reported on Aug 29 at 6 PM

Fraud. I'm not a student, never requested a grant or loan, and they called pretending that I did. Presumably, if I let them get far enough into the call, they'd try to get me to disclose personal information (social, bank account info, whatever).

Reported on Aug 25 at 9 PM

These ppl keep calling me number, and not saying anything when I say hello. Then when you try to call back it says " the person you are trying to reach are not accepting calls at this time".
Reported on Aug 9 at 11 AM

Why do people call and leave there number when you do not evenknow them ?
Reported on Aug 1 at 2 PM

Reported on Jul 24 at 3 PM

Escort Scam -- asks you to register at possible CC scam sight.
Reported on Dec 18 at 1 AM

This telephone number is always calling my cell phone.

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