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Reported on Aug 27 at 2 PM

Call at the same time everyday ring I looked the number up and it says it is a spam any way I can stop it
Reported on Aug 26 at 8 PM

Who doe this number belong to? I know no one in Bronx NY and this person calls me everyday and never leave a message. Why don't they get the clue? If people don't answer their phones, that means they don't want to talk to you.
Reported on Aug 15 at 5 PM

Caller advised he was with the DEA and he has a case on you for buying diet pills from out of the county. He has a case ready to go to the United States Attorneys office. Heres the SCAM if you can pay 3,000 dollars then they will close the case. Do not fall for this don't give the, any information at all. They may tell you were you live but lets face it anyone can find that on the Internet. Just fyi be carful out there.
Reported on Jul 3 at 3 PM

Caller from Jamaica claiming I won a house I didnt even enter to win. Advised them not to call me again and I received several calls after I hung up.
Reported on Jun 14 at 6 PM

I feel this number is a scam
Reported on Apr 16 at 11 AM

Given to me by a man on a dating website who says he lives in Downingtown PA and it seems this is a New York number
Reported on Dec 3 at 5 AM

I once had experienced that before. It took me while to discover that it was my friend in high school. This site is good in doing search though.
Reported on Oct 31 at 4 AM

This phone number appeared on my cell phone yesterday. It said missed call but I never heard it ringing. Ah maybe when I was taking the garbage out.
Reported on Oct 25 at 11 AM

Over the last week, I got 4 missed calls coming from this number but I got no message.

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