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Reported on Aug 19 at 11 AM

block this caller PLEASE!
Reported on Aug 18 at 4 PM

I have been receiving several missed calls from this # on my cell phone, and there was never a message. I took the call last week, and a female with a Middle Eastern accent told me they were from Microsoft, and were receiving error messages from my home computer that she could fix. She asked me if I could get in front of the computer. I told her I was driving, and asked if she had # I could call her back at, and she said she would call me. She did call back later the same day, on both my cell # & home #, but I was unavailable to take the call. Again, no message was left. The same person just called back today on my cell. I told her I was at work, and I needed a ph # to call her back. Again, she said she would call me, and wouldn't leave a #. When I try calling this # back, I get the recorded message saying "this is not a working #". If this is a scam, how can this be stopped? I can see how a lot of people would fall for this.
Reported on Aug 15 at 3 PM

They told me they work with microsoft and that my computer is infected. I told them to f.. themselfs.
Reported on Aug 13 at 2 PM

Many calls from this # daily. She either hangs up or says my name into the phone. Don't know who/what this is, doesn't identify herself. My caller ID says it's from "Suni Srivastava."
Reported on Jul 30 at 11 PM

Received an X rated text message from this number. It was very vile. And then received subsequent messages hours later.
Reported on Jul 30 at 11 PM

Got an X rated Text message from this number. Very vile and low class.
Reported on Jun 24 at 1 PM

Calls at least once a day, some credit card spam.
Reported on Apr 21 at 10 AM

Call, I answer - clicks once and then nothing.

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