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Reported on Aug 20 at 12 PM

card services scam
Reported on Aug 15 at 1 PM

Reported on Aug 11 at 12 PM

Lower your interest rate on a credit card.
Reported on Aug 7 at 2 PM

daily, repeated calls from "Evelyn Davis" at 406-969-2711 ( Billings MT) re credit card insurance sales
Reported on Aug 4 at 7 PM

This number calls multiple times a day, using different combinations - 516-659-2300, 516-659-2303. They are a telemarketer and when one number is blocked from my cell phone, they call back using a different area code or last digit on the number. Very annoying. A call back to any of these numbers results in a message that the number is disconnected.
Reported on Aug 1 at 11 AM

Spammer calls; how to lower credit apr.
Reported on Jul 31 at 2 PM

Credit Card spam caller . . ."This is an important call about your current credit card . . . "
Reported on Jul 31 at 2 PM

Credit Card spam caller . . ."This is an important call about your current credit card . . . "
Reported on Jul 31 at 1 PM

Reported on Jul 31 at 8 AM

This number calls me with different 'lower interest rate' offers--multiple times I have pushed the button to talk to someone, and when i get a live person I ask to be taken off of their call list. Every time i do this, they hang up on me. Calls keep coming. Infuriating!!!!
Reported on Jul 23 at 11 AM

Craig's List SCAM!!!! Offers more for item to ship to Nigeria. Has used multiple street numbers on Araromi Street, Itere Surulere, including 48, 50, 36, 37, etc.

Also, sends fake emails from eBay, PayPal, that state the funds have been received. Emails are NOT from PayPal, look at clearly a fake! Contact PayPal, eBay, etc. Directly to verify that funds were received.

Reported on Jul 22 at 8 AM

this number is running scam on Craigslist.....with this number trying to get PayPal information offering more money for items.... typical scam for craigslist...traced to throw away phone be very careful
Reported on Jul 10 at 4 PM

Card Holder Services uses this as the calling number for marketing.
Reported on Jul 9 at 4 PM

I got a text with my name, "looking for a job? We would like to speak with you. I called back and the woman I talked to, with an accent so heavy I could barely understand her, asked my zip code, what year I finished high school, whether I wanted part or full time. She proceeded to talk to me about going back to school. I told her I did not have the money and was looking for entry level work. She was very persistant about me updating my skills, I reiterated my case and said that I understood with a large gap in my job history it would be ideal to do this, but asked if she could help me with the job/volunteer experience I have. Then she said in an annoyed voice "at the beginning of the call....blahblahblah and said I would get an e-mail in 24 hours. I recently registered with an Albany, NY temp service and this is the second time I have received inquiries about going back to school, but no job offers.
Reported on Jun 11 at 5 PM

this person keeps texting me and i don't know them.
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