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Reported on Aug 28 at 10 AM

Spammy... a prepaid number?
Reported on Sep 1 at 1 PM

Calling my phone
Reported on Aug 26 at 1 PM

Craigslist scammer
Reported on Aug 13 at 2 PM

frequent calls from unknown numbers with 447, 436, and 748 prefix. Caller hangs up or says the name of a person, when told this is the wrong number, caller asks if I need a loan.
Reported on Jul 30 at 1 PM

Craig's List scammer. Sends bad checks for more than they are sappose to be so he can scam you if you're dumb enough to give the balance along with what you are selling to the pick up man.
Reported on Jul 11 at 3 PM

text message saying something was wrong with debit card!
Reported on Jul 7 at 12 PM

I was charged 49.95 on my credit card and I don't know who they are.
Reported on Jul 3 at 3 PM

Caller from Jamaica claiming I won a house I didnt even enter to win. Advised them not to call me again and I received several calls after I hung up.
Reported on Jun 5 at 12 AM

who is calling me in the middle of the night

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