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Reported on Sep 7 at 7 AM

Reported on Sep 4 at 1 AM

Who is this?
Reported on Sep 4 at 1 AM

Who is this
Reported on Aug 20 at 3 PM

Krysten Sinema election committee
Reported on Jun 12 at 8 AM

Caller was rude and abusive, and when he couldn't get through me, he asked for sales which I transferred him to. He complained to Sales that I was rude and that he was going to do business with us, but based on his treatment, decided not to, recommended my dismissal. He gave no details about reason for call. Said he was a VP with opportunity for our President.

Based on previous comments here and elsewhere on web, I saved my job. Guy is a flake and gets upset if he doesn't get who he wants.

Sounds like a home phone number. Perhaps a return call at odd hours is in order.

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