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Reported on Aug 13 at 5 PM

Called me four times today. Didn't answer until the fourth call and no one was there. After the third time they called I tried to call them back and it says the number is not in service.
Reported on Jul 10 at 3 PM

MRG is the name of this "company" they also have a 855-969-8587 number they call from. They are elusive to giving an address. Called me ignorant and rude because I knew my rights.
Reported on Jul 8 at 1 PM

span call recorded message. unable to reach anyone to stop this mess doing reverse search, they have lots of numbers to call from
Reported on Mar 24 at 4 PM

Jerk called us and would not tell us who he is nor the name of his business -- just that he is in IT and wanted our business. When pressed he was nasty.

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