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Reported on Aug 29 at 2 PM

Same type of scam: they offer to buy your listed product for more than what it's advertised. They are sick and can't come to see it but want your banking information so they can transfer funds to your account.
Reported on Aug 26 at 1 PM

Craigslist scammer
Reported on Aug 14 at 4 PM

This number is part of a phishing scam being used on Craigslist. The typical listing is for a used car, almost always a Hyundai Altima in the low $2,000 price range (but listed in a dozen different states). Several dozen of the same exact listings have already been reported as scams & removed from Craigslist. This particular one omitted the previous identifying scam email address used to collect YOUR email data (ie, "Contact for more info") that has been listed on all other listings, & provides the phone # 601-691-2786 (Mississippi cell phone; vicinity Madison County).

When called, there will be no answer & it will go to voicemail. Rather than a call back in person, you will receive a text message with instructions to e-mail for a "full photo slide presentation on the car". Since the area code was not familiar, I followed up with another text to ask if they were in our local area, with no further replies. Unfortunately, before I did a Google search for linda.nelson2004@ and realized it was a scam, I sent an e-mail to follow up & request the car info.
Reported on Aug 11 at 3 PM

Keeps calling wanting to charge me with check fraud on a payday loan I never took out. I thought I had shook these people 2 years ago, but they're back.
Reported on Jul 30 at 1 PM

Craig's List scammer. Sends bad checks for more than they are sappose to be so he can scam you if you're dumb enough to give the balance along with what you are selling to the pick up man.

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