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Reported on Sep 4 at 3 PM

call but no voice and quiet throughtout. Quite annoying
Reported on Sep 3 at 11 AM

irs,scam... washington dc,usa!!!
Reported on Aug 31 at 11 PM

Beware! Scammer from using the name David Cabianca in Centre City CA. All the usual red flags. Civil Engineer, wife died of cancer getting ready to head overseas for a job....blah, blah, blah
Reported on Aug 28 at 11 PM

They call and do not talk. Usually they call twice.
Reported on Aug 28 at 12 PM

Robocall "to verify your google listing" - hung up instantly and blocked this number in google voice. Urging everyone to take action on every time-wasting telemarketer, every time - just block their numbers. No need to report they call multiple times a day, no need to plead to get off their lists (not only will they never take you off their lists, the more telemarketers you interact with, the more lists you get on). Of course the Do Not Call list is now useless and the FCC does nothing to stop telemarketers. Just take the simple step of jotting down their numbers, log in to your phone service provider's site, and block them. The more you block, the fewer calls you get as little by little your number gets dropped from spammer's lists. No telemarketer or scammer ever gets me on the phone more than once. With just the one simple step of BLOCKING, the public can rapidly make the entire telemarketing/telescammer/collections industry a thing of the past. We have 21st century technology and are still falling for 20th century time-wasting methods.
Reported on Aug 25 at 3 PM

Has to be a SPAM call fro Jamacia telling us we won Mega Million and PCH just need to send a check from Western Union for $299
Reported on Aug 25 at 11 AM

They said their is a complaint against me. I do not think so.... I don't know who this is.. Western Arbitration?
Reported on Jul 29 at 4 PM

Scammers. Contacted me from an ad on Craigslist and tried to scam me through paypal.
Reported on Jul 29 at 4 PM

Scammers. Contacted me through an ad on Craigslist and wanted my email for paypal and even sent emails that were supposedly from Paypal. I called Paypal and they were all frauds.
Reported on Jul 27 at 4 PM

Pretty sure they are a hacker, they keep asking for my paypal email
Reported on Jul 16 at 5 PM

Calling to threat with downgrade credit.
Reported on Jul 3 at 12 PM

Did not you ask your caller why? If I were you and you could not think of anything wrong that you had done to anyone, then you had no reason to get worried. Why would you send them money? Be careful.
Reported on Jul 2 at 7 PM

Was called by this number and was told that I was going to be arrested at work or place of residence within 24 hours. I called back, the said the only way to clear it up, was to wire them money
Reported on Apr 24 at 9 AM

This individual is a scammer and admits to scamming people out of items. Scammed me out of an IPhone 4 and did not pay for it.

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