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Reported on Sep 3 at 6 PM

This number keeps calling our FAX machine. They don't send a fax. When someone answers the FAX telephone there is nobody there. They call again, over and over. Weird.
Reported on Aug 18 at 3 PM

I've been receiving annoying calls from this number between 3 and 4am for the past month. I blocked phone calls but now texting has started. When I return the calls I am only getting an answering service
Reported on Aug 14 at 12 AM

calls every 10-15 seconds then when you answer its beeps only. no vioce at all.
Reported on Jul 17 at 10 AM

i reported this b*****d to the R.C.M.P. This Guy selling Fake Windows 7 software and fake Cs5 Master collection Software IS A *REGISTERED CHILD MOLESTER in ONTARIO donates stolen computers to children charities and sells pirated software, will be getting a surprise 1st knock on his house door by the R.C.M.P. which will conduct early morning raids this month.This rip-off artist will be the first to go Jail, because they know where he lives. Prison is where society sends their failures. CHANGED HIS NUMBERS 3 TIMES 647-701-5622, 416-551-6500, 647-381-5236 905-334-0043 & 3 Other Sellers & 5 customers are already in Jail facing fines of $450,000 and 10 years in PENETAG Read
Reported on Jul 9 at 5 PM

who is this?
Reported on Apr 28 at 3 PM

Automated message trying to give away a "free" cruise. Blocked prior number but they just keep changing the number. It is the same company I have added about 7 different numbers from them to my reject list will start adding them here too.
Reported on Oct 27 at 1 PM

You can ask your caller and maybe he will respond to you. You can use another number so that he will not think that it is you who is calling.
Reported on Oct 25 at 11 AM

Whose phone number is this? Always calling very late at night.

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