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Reported on Aug 26 at 5 PM

Call this number for $8000 grant that I had been selected to receive from our government. Received a call from what sounded like India, don't have caller ID so don't know what number he called from. He verified my name and address, which he already had, and said to call his finance manager at 202-657-6171 and give him the code he gave me to get the check processed. Don't believe for a second this is legit. Wish it was $8000 would be nice. Out of curiosity I want to call that number but am afraid to.
Reported on Aug 20 at 1 PM

who's number
Reported on Aug 15 at 10 AM

They keep calling.
Reported on Jul 26 at 11 AM

Keep receiving calls from this number. No one at the other end, but if you wait long enough (~5 seconds) you hear a electronic "ding" followed by a automated "good bye" I reported this number 3 times to the do not call registry.
Reported on Jun 11 at 2 PM

is this a spam number

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