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Reported on Dec 29 at 9 AM

I get scared by what you said Karylle but I will not judge the guy quickly without examining thoroughly. But thanks anyway. It is really nice talking with you. I appreciate your concern.
Reported on Dec 29 at 9 AM

Yea think about it. I know of someone in the neighborhood who fall victim of scammers. Well I'm not saying that he is also a scammer but just be careful. When you finally give your money, you might not get it back.
Reported on Dec 29 at 9 AM

No he did not tell me because I forgot to ask. Anyway, he might call again so I would ask him. I still haven't decided yet if I will make a deal with him or not.
Reported on Dec 29 at 9 AM

Did he tell you what company he was working for?

If so, contact the company and ask if he really works there.
Reported on Dec 29 at 9 AM

A fellow called me and selling me insurance. I did not know him so I asked how he got my number. He did not answer instead changed topic by offering other deals. Should I believe him?

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