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Reported on Sep 2 at 9 AM

The man or woman has called numerous times. They just sit there and breath on the phone not really leaving any specific message. Can hear them talking in the back ground saying "she is not home." They don't realize they are calling a government line and not a residence. They have tried to call about 7 times since April 2014
Reported on Jul 17 at 11 AM

Craigslist scammer- wants to send check and wait for it to clear before having your item shipped to him. Sends check for large amount and then wants some wired to him.
Reported on Jul 3 at 12 PM

Did not you ask your caller why? If I were you and you could not think of anything wrong that you had done to anyone, then you had no reason to get worried. Why would you send them money? Be careful.
Reported on Jul 2 at 7 PM

Was called by this number and was told that I was going to be arrested at work or place of residence within 24 hours. I called back, the said the only way to clear it up, was to wire them money

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