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Reported on Sep 2 at 1 AM

This guy is being volgure and threatening people through txt and calls please help me stop this before he does something to hurt someone please I'm very concerned about this guy texting people and threatening to come to there house
Reported on Sep 1 at 4 PM

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Reported on Aug 28 at 12 PM

Robocall "to verify your google listing" - hung up instantly and blocked this number in google voice. Urging everyone to take action on every time-wasting telemarketer, every time - just block their numbers. No need to report they call multiple times a day, no need to plead to get off their lists (not only will they never take you off their lists, the more telemarketers you interact with, the more lists you get on). Of course the Do Not Call list is now useless and the FCC does nothing to stop telemarketers. Just take the simple step of jotting down their numbers, log in to your phone service provider's site, and block them. The more you block, the fewer calls you get as little by little your number gets dropped from spammer's lists. No telemarketer or scammer ever gets me on the phone more than once. With just the one simple step of BLOCKING, the public can rapidly make the entire telemarketing/telescammer/collections industry a thing of the past. We have 21st century technology and are still falling for 20th century time-wasting methods.
Reported on May 17 at 2 PM

This is a scam. Someone called pretending to be from SDG&E and said our electricity was going to be cut off for 3 days due to the ongoing fires in San Diego. The man also said that the house was in danger unless we paid right away to fix a transformer.
The same man called twice.

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