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Reported on Aug 23 at 9 PM

Always calling but no one is answering
Reported on Mar 24 at 2 PM

CURIOUS INCIDENT: Call from (803) 349-4222 for "La Donna Love" about 12:15 p.m. on March 24, 2015.

LEFT VOICEMAIL: In a threatening tone, a man said: "La Donna Love, this is Mr. Harris, senior investigator, head of the fraudulent claims and special investigations division. I received a deposition here naming you as the potential defendant in Shelby County District 'Courts.' My client is proceeding for further, uh, for fraudulent activity for misuse of a 'federal' regulated instrument. They are pursuing to the fullest extent of federal and state law as of March 25, 2015, at 4 p.m. So I suggest 'for' an immediate response here in my office at (803) 349-4222. Refer to claim 601779. La Donna, it'd be in your best interest to respond." Then hung up.

SUSPICIOUSLY: Did not identify who he represents or what state "Shelby County" is in. When I called back from another number, a different man answered and evaded repeated requests to identify the business he worked for, saying only it was "the claims department." Then he hung up.

NOTA BENE: I'm not La Donna Love, nor do I know her. Honestly, I don't believe she exists. Collectors use phishing calls such as these to verify telephone numbers and to get you to volunteer information they can use against you. I reported the call to the Federal Trade Commission and will be posting this information widely.

CALLER ID: Hard to identify this number. After many searches, it appears the number might belong to Capital Resolution Services, which calls itself "a debt relief company." Believe that at your own risk.
Reported on Aug 30 at 3 PM

need address
Reported on Aug 27 at 10 AM

number keeps calling and leaves no message.
Reported on Jul 15 at 12 PM

Bogus, said I'd won a prize with Publisher's Clearing House
Reported on Jul 15 at 12 PM

Called me twice and read extremely slowly in broken english that he was from the publisher's clearing house and that I'd won ______ . Kinda funny as I don't even subscribe to any magazines.

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