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Reported on Sep 3 at 11 AM

Please tell me the owners name
Reported on Aug 28 at 4 PM

Scammer trying to get account information with a claim of a $35,000 payment.
Reported on Aug 27 at 1 PM

Person keeps calling on my husbands cell phone; says he is Josh from Herbal Life (I'm sure fake name and company). THREE TIMES..... Man asked to speak to my husband and I ask what is this regarding, he says he only wants to speak to him and would call back. I say, tell me what it is regarding because to get to my husband; you have to get through to me and THE CALLER SAYS, "I don't see that anywhere in law books...THEN I WILL ALWAYS HANG UP.

"I tired to call back and got a recording that says "The number you have dialed is not in service; please check the number and try again."
Reported on Jun 25 at 1 PM


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