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Reported on Sep 2 at 5 PM

keeps calling me on my business cell phone. Wanted my ss# number.
Reported on Aug 30 at 9 AM

Guy must have left four messages on my machine yesterday
Called the number and blew my police whistle in his ear.
Reported on Aug 29 at 11 AM

A man with a heavy accent called posing as an IRS Agent. When I asked if I could record the call he made a vain attempt to curse me. His accent was so heavy that it was initially hard to understand what he was trying to say so I asked him to spell the word he was saying. He really got upset then and said a few more curse words. He hung up when I laughed at him and told him that he had to be the worse impostor that I had ever received a call from
Reported on Aug 6 at 1 PM

IRS scam! A guy with a thick accent calling himself "Melvin" calls and says that they are going to issue a warrant for your arrest for tax fraud. They want you to call them. It's a total scam. Do not give these people any information!!
Reported on Aug 6 at 12 PM

I got the same call, and yes I believe your right, very unprofessional and even sounded like he was having to read something that he himself didnt understand. Scam!
Reported on Aug 5 at 4 PM

message was left by a guy with a heavy, thick Indian or African American accent stating that I was in trouble with the IRS and that if I didn't call back, it would not be his problem about what would happen to me. Very unprofessional (no identification as to who he was trying to contact or who he was, his attitude, etc.) sounding so it is obviously a scam.
Reported on Jul 31 at 6 PM

IRS scammer!!! I asked him to provide me with his address and then the reason I needed it was I was filling a complaint with the FTC and the IRS and he said File all you want you won't catch me... call 911 see if you can get me arrested... and I said your Karma will catch with and he hung up!
Reported on Jul 23 at 8 PM

Cash advance scam will call from multiple (864) 432 numbers

Reported on Jul 23 at 8 PM

Will call from multiple (864)432 numbers and call all day
Reported on Jul 23 at 8 PM

Scam number for loan
Reported on Jul 7 at 4 PM

Called saying they were the IRS & I owed money,which I know I do not,as soon as I mentioned reporting them I got hung up on then blocked!! Man had an over seas accent!
Reported on Jul 3 at 12 PM

Received a recorded message to call a # in reference to IRS problem that I have.. I do not have an IRS problem. and if I do, IRS should contact me in writing.
This is definitely a scam...
Reported on Jun 18 at 3 PM

scam. Posing as IRS. Heavy accented person
Reported on May 31 at 10 AM

Scam. Pretended to be from the IRS! Man with a heavy Indian accent.
Reported on May 12 at 4 PM

Calling to ask money and trying to scare us that we have done some IRS fraud even though we haven't. They want us to go to some local place and send them the money through one of the services.

Cheaters. They should be found and jailed.
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