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Reported on Sep 2 at 12 PM

we have a towing company. they called us to go to a location and pick up a car. we made several attempts and left messages when we were on location. they finally called back. I don't know if it was charging my phone a large amount or what was going on!
Reported on Aug 28 at 4 PM

This comes up as a call from Jamaica
Reported on Aug 27 at 11 AM

No idea who this is or how they got my number. I've asked them to stop calling me.
Reported on Aug 26 at 2 PM

Caller ID said Jamaica, man said he was Reverend John from Publishers Clearing House and I won $100,000.00 and a Mercedes. He just needed $5000.00 from me to release the prize which would be delivered at 4pm. Definite scam...
Reported on Aug 26 at 9 AM

Strange call about UPS and calling to get a check for good service.
Reported on Aug 25 at 3 PM

PCH scammer. I asked him what my name was; he said it was a random call!!!!! Excuse me....I hung up.
Reported on Aug 25 at 3 PM

Has to be a SPAM call fro Jamacia telling us we won Mega Million and PCH just need to send a check from Western Union for $299
Reported on Aug 21 at 2 PM

Phony publishers clearing house winner scam from Jamaica.
When I told him I didn't need the money, just give it to charity, he told me I was full of Bu ll sh it. I just hung up
Reported on Aug 14 at 6 PM

81 year old answered phone call from this number asking for Ms. Williams.  She told him wrong number and he says well who is this then.  She says none of your business and he told her to go...  Tried searching the phone number and could not find anything.  Reporting to the phone company.
Reported on Aug 11 at 7 PM

Posing as publisher clearing house stating i won 250,000 and a black mercedes. I won by making a purchase with a credit card at local walmart etc, wanted meto buy green dot card and load 399.00 on card, this was to cover 1% for irs purposes. 1 % actually would be 2500.00. This is a scam all winners are contacted by mail only. I pray that God will forgive them and help them to find the money through honest work.
Reported on Aug 4 at 11 PM

caller said I had one $5 billion dollars, I laughed and hung up. I left for the day when I returned I had 13 messages on my phone, same voice yelling out for a man's name who does not live at this number.
Reported on Jul 30 at 9 AM

Woke me up during the night stating I won come clearing house prize, when I hung up they called back. This is harassment!
Reported on Jul 17 at 1 PM

Calls asking if you remember who you are speaking with. Trying to scam elderly people and get account info.
Reported on Jul 15 at 12 PM

Bogus, said I'd won a prize with Publisher's Clearing House
Reported on Jul 15 at 12 PM

Called me twice and read extremely slowly in broken english that he was from the publisher's clearing house and that I'd won ______ . Kinda funny as I don't even subscribe to any magazines.
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