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Reported on Aug 29 at 6 AM

This number is a scam billing number. This has come up on my account for services that were never made.
Reported on Aug 29 at 6 AM

This number is a complete scam. My credit card and bank card have been compromised by thiis number. It is on my statement for a charge for services never used.
Reported on Aug 26 at 5 PM

Calling from fake Microsoft Support. Two days in a row received calls from persons sounding like they were calling from India saying they were working for Microsoft and they received alerts saying my computer was being attacked because Microsoft Defender expires eight months after you purchase your computer. I fell for it on the first call and allowed him access to my computer, stupid of me, but when he opened the notepad and covered my screen so I couldn't see what was being done to my computer I became suspicious. Then they said I had to purchase a new Microsoft Defender license for $269. At this point I said I would have to do some homework and would call them back if I want to purchase. They said their company was Globalized Microsoft and to call Stephen Clark at 888-514-1650, doubt it's a real number. I don't have caller ID on my home phone so not sure what number they called from. When I wouldn't purchase immediately they left my computer in what said Safe Mode and hung up on me. Took me hours to hopefully undo what they did, hope they didn't get my entire identity info. Next day a Charlie, who was the same guy, called again and when I said I had just been called day before he denied that they ever called and started their entire same script. Told them I didn't believe them, wasn't interested and hung up. Hope the damage hasn't already been done. Don't be stupid like me and allow a person who randomly calls you access to your computer. Their script scares you so it's easy to fall for it before reason gets to your brain.
Reported on Aug 23 at 3 AM

Received this call at 1:15AM Saturday Aug.23,2014. I did not answer.
Reported on Aug 8 at 6 PM

get a call from this number every night. silence if answered.
Reported on Jul 30 at 9 AM

Called my work number and spoke with my HR Director in reference to an outstanding PayDay Loan that I had supposedly taken out in Dec. 2010. I called them back and was told that the loan, which is now 4 years old, had not accrued any "interest" or "finance charges". However, this matter required addressing immediately! I was informed that they were a paperless company and required a valid email address to forward the paperwork to. I gave her my email address, one which I rarely, if at all use, and NO PAPERWORK!!!!
Reported on Jul 7 at 4 PM

This number called three times in a row trying to send a fax. Hav e no idea who this company is. After that, we started receiving calls from 415-507-1590 showing as Linda Levey, also sending faxes.
Reported on Jul 7 at 12 PM

I was charged 49.95 on my credit card and I don't know who they are.
Reported on Jul 2 at 10 PM

Different numbers with the area code 424 and start with 888 keep calling me. This number is just one of them but they have an automated message telling me to press number 1 but i just hang up. It is sort of turning into harassment, since I keep getting these unwanted phone calls. At first it was just one number dialing me and I blocked it. That is about the time I started to get the same calls from this similar number.
Reported on May 16 at 12 PM

Agressive IRS SCAM collector.....hang up or don't answer
Reported on May 13 at 11 AM

I suspect this is an IRS phone scam. I cannot find this number on IRS website and when I call back, I immediately get access to someone but they quickly hang up. Typically calling IRS is difficult as I get that frustrating automated system and it is hard to talk to someone but in this case, I quickly get to someone.
Reported on Apr 30 at 10 PM

I was given the number during a romance scam...
Reported on Apr 30 at 10 PM

This number was given to me as a "phone banking" number for Summit Bank (defunct). It is now always busy. I have also seen reports that someone who does not speak English well calls from this number with various stories attempting to gain access to credit card numbers.
Reported on Apr 29 at 12 PM

Insurance scam. Sends faxes and the number listed to be removed from their database is not a working number.
Reported on Apr 28 at 3 PM

Automated message trying to give away a "free" cruise. Blocked prior number but they just keep changing the number. It is the same company I have added about 7 different numbers from them to my reject list will start adding them here too.
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